September Horseback in Glacier Country

Our featured Fall horseback vacation for 2017!

Dates: September 10-16 2017   
Cost: $1795 per person or $3495 per couple all inclusive

I've been asked on numerous occasions about horseback vacations during the precious fall days of September. Those quiet days of fall, after a louder, busier summer, and a month or more before the country gets cold and snow beckons. September is a beautiful time of year, in Glacier country. The cottonwood and aspen leaves are yellow and the berry bushes turn crimson. The country is quiet, peaceful, and in a period of rest and anticipation of the tough winter ahead. Mid September is a great time to be horseback in Glacier country. The weather is normally sunny and warm during the day, free of mud and bugs, and cool enough to keep our horses on the go

We'll be offering a horseback adventure vacation to take advantage of those special September days this year, 2017. For those of you interested we're going to be offering "Glacier Country on Horseback" beginning on Sunday, September 10th and running through Saturday, September 16th, at Bear Creek Ranch. Similar in style to our "Off the Beaten Path" trip offered in July we're going to riding in sections of the countryside that are beautiful beyond belief, are rarely used, and offer as much color contrast as the country has to offer. You'll be riding some of the best "stuff" I know.

We'll be limiting this trip to eight guests and are guessing that most everyone will be an adult with some riding experience. If you're not particularly horse savvy we'll put you on an easy horse and you'll do just fine. On this trip we're not going to put on the big miles that we're more likely to do during the summer months. We're going to ride easily and with lots of stops in just the right places to rest, photograph, eat lunch, and with any luck, watch a grizzly eating berries! You'll be home each evening to the ranch before a wonderful dinner served by your hostess and my wife Diana. There's nothing like an evening at Bear Creek Ranch, enjoying a glass of wine and visiting with your new friends. Our cabins are clean and cozy and you'll be sure to get a great night's sleep.

Guests will be arriving at Bear Creek Ranch on the 10th of September. We'll spend the afternoon getting to know one another, exchanging past horseback experiences, picking out suitable horses and saddles, having a great dinner, and looking forward to the first ride the following morning. I've got five great day rides in mind for the week and some thoughts about what you might enjoy doing during mid-week if you're wanting a day off horseback. There are tours of Glacier National Park available, float and/or guided fishing trips on the Flathead River, exploring the Blackfeet Reservation by vehicle, or simply enjoying the day around the ranch, having lunch in the sun or reading a good book under the blue Big Sky of Montana!

The cost of the September "Glacier Country on Horseback" is $1795 per person or $3495 per couple all inclusive. Choice of cabins come on a first come basis.

What I might recommend when you have a few minutes is to feel free to give a call out here and go over any questions or thoughts you'll have about the "Glacier Country on Horseback" trip. We're normally near a phone and would love to talk to you. That number is (406) 226-4489.

All our best to you and with any luck we'll see you in the fall.

Bill and Diana Beck

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