Riding the Four Winds - Montana Horseback Riding at its Finest!

Dates:     August  13 -  20,  2017

Cost: $1995 per person
$3795 per couple

This is including  two days of cattle work on the  Blackfeet Reservation.  Ride, rope,  and  move cattle  in God's country.

Horseback ride the West side of the Continental Divide up and down the spectacular mountains adjacent to Glacier National Park in Montana surrounding Bear Creek Ranch, and then spend a day riding in less dramatic but equally impressive foothill country near East Glacier on the East side of the Divide. Then, ride three different private ranches from East Glacier Montana almost to St. Mary and put on some miles while moving cattle just prior to the fall  round up. It will be an amazing time, and you'll make it back to Bear Creek Ranch every evening for some great food and our guest cabins for a perfect night sleep and then another day of the best horseback riding in the world!

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Bill and Diana Riding the Four Winds Montana Horseback Riding

Riding the Four Winds Montana Horseback Riding

"Riding the Four Winds" is a rather esoteric way of describing a week being horseback in some of the greatest riding country on this earth....

                                                                                                                                                "This  will  be  one  helluva trip."

Enjoy Horseback Riding with the perfect mount underneath you while seeing, feeling, and experiencing a variety of country from mountains, to foothills, to prairie. Additionally, you'll be in great hands and will meet some of the best cowboys on the continent, unbelievably talented and always willing to share their secrets of fine horsemanship and the love for the country they've been born and raised in.

"Thank you for the adventure and the confidence building. It was way more than expected!" 
Henry and Brietta from New Jersey

Riding the Four Winds

Riding the Four Winds near Glacier National Park, Montana

If you would love to participate in one of the greatest  horseback vacations in Montana this is it!  If you would like to ride without the cattle drive portion of 'Riding the Four Winds' please visit our other week long horseback adventure 'Off the Beaten Path'!

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Riding the Four Winds
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